About Us

BalletFeet is a dance institution for all age groups founded by Mr.Dinesh Rathod. He has trained in Vaganova style and has worked with Eun Yong Jung(Jungs Ballet). Mr Rathod is currently teaching CSTD/Comdance Syllabus in Cambodia and has is certified PBT teacher.

At BalletFeet, the focus will be on using the body to express oneself. We will start out with specific techniques from Classical Ballet and Contemporary Ballet. These basics will help them with  body awareness, alignment, aesthetic, strength building, movement analysis, building technical knowledge. 

Why everyone needs to learn ballet?​​

  • They learn to follow instructions.

  • They gain a sense of discipline through learning new positions and steps.

  • They learn co-ordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion.

  • They are active by getting daily exercise.

  • They become comfortable performing before groups.

Who We Are

We are Ballet enthusiast who wants to spread Ballet education to the world.

Its a privilege that we have opportunity to spread the beauty and
grace of ballet to INDIA and CAMBODIA. We look forward to make the dance community in CAMBODIA. We look forward to teach the kids the right way of living through dance. Ballet teaches to focus, balance, team work, partnering, hard-work, determination and relaxing like the same way one does in life.

History (Vaganova Style)
The Vaganova method is a method of teaching classical ballet that was founded by Agrippina Vaganova and developed into an exact science by her pedagogical pupil for over 30 years, Vera Kostrovitskaya and countless other teachers in the decades following Vaganova's death in 1951. Therefore, it is really a misnomer to call it that, as she meant for it to be called the teaching of classical dance. It is in the mistranslation of the title of her book, "Basic Principles of Russian Classical Dance" that it is implied that it is her method. She actually titled her book: "The Foundation for Dance." It is combination of the finest of the aesthetics and physical results of strength, from French, Danish, and Italian schools, the method has produced many of the world's best dancers and continues to do so today. Vaganova is known for founding the Soviet System of Ballet Education, but her and Kostrovitskaya's teaching method has developed into the applied laws of physics and the core of the teaching does not need to be constantly revised and modified, as other ways of teaching that are not scientific. The method is still used worldwide.


COMDANCE is a global dance community established in 1933 by Melbourne dancer Dorothy Gladstone.