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Ballet has been around for a long time but the education has been limited to middle class and above categories for various reasons. There are many dancers aspiring to take ballet dance as career, while some take it have strong foundation in dance for other dance genre. Some take it for hobby/fitness while do it to have fame in social media. There are many myths, debate and stereotypes in the world of ballet. This blogs’ main purpose is to inspire, help and breakthrough barriers of dancing world.

What is Ballet?

Ballet (French: [balɛ]) is a type of performance dance that originated during the Italian Renaissance in the fifteenth century and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia.

(Source: Wikipedia)

About the author

This blog is an initiative of Mr. Dinesh Kumar Rathod, Artistic Director, BalletFeet as his journey is to find answers and also question the ballet universe. He is born in India and started ballet at age of 25(never heard the word BALLET before that), with no dancing background till age 20. He has been ridiculed through his entire ballet journey until he moved to Cambodia at age 31 for further education. There are few qualities which describe the author: Ambitious, Optimistic, Curious, Slow-learner, resilient, patient and unorthodox-thinker. It was this curiosity and slow-learning qualities that made him take his own path and start his own ballet school, BALLETFFET in Mumbai, India. The school started with just one student(picture on the homepage) but later spread its wings across Mumbai.

As his mentors and teachers could not help with answers related to ballet education or work, he has been on the quest to find the answers for himself and others. Initially the training began in Vaganova but later it was mix of many other styles. He is PBT certified Teacher and currently pursuing his Teacher Certification (CSTD/Comdance) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. One of his current goals is to serve the dance community in Cambodia as there are many talented and aspiring artist but resource to train properly.

Video: Mr. Dinesh Kumar Rathod sharing about his goals and principles.

"I have achieved my goals so far but it's time for me to help my students achieve their goals." - Dinesh Kumar Rathod

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